Intelligent solutions for intelligent business.

Complete Payment Solutions for financial institutions

Robust and self service applications bankwide

Easy setup

It's well documented and makes use of web technologies with cool interfaces..

Cross-device support

We tested it across the most frequently used desktop and hand-held devices in the market, so you won't have to.

Multiple sections

Comes with a bunch of customizable color schemes and different slides to showcase your services, team, work and more...


Clean & modern design

When it comes to design, we like to use the latest trends: large images, beautiful typography and flat color schemes.

Intelligent framework

The core is adding intelligent to every solution, the most popular biz-to-biz solutions are integrated.

Contact form

People want to get in touch. A contact form provided - We would really love to hear from you at any time.


Presentation page

It's professional and interactive. Great choice to promote you or your business online.

Color Schemes

You can choose among predefined color schemes in a friendly and easy way.

Valid New WebTech

Rest assured! We keep to current standard and wish to carry you along.

Screen Helpline

Each screen we present to our customer is self explanation. That's the way we roll.

Security Integration

All solutions and applications we provide are "security-aware. It is in our best interest that we protect your data!!"

Multiple Initative Options

It's packed with other staging options: Piloting, free trials, depending on your plans...


Wide range of services for your business

Do you have a backend processing need, we got you covered!

Intelligent View

Intelligent View & solution allows financial institutions to make informed and timely decisions in a VERY secured way. It is can customized to suit your needs.

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Intelligent Capture

Got a remote cheque capture solution that enriches your customer experience? We have a very simple, highly user-friendly and highly customizable solution ...

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Intelligent Archive

We provide one of the most powerful and robust Archiving solution in the entire world that maximizes disk space and boosts research speed...

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Intelligent Fund Transfer

Funds transfer technologies have been made easy. The Automated Clearing House solution caters for all your ACH needs and more. The architecture supports...

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Intelligent Biometrics

Biometrics: A world leading module that enables the use of biometric data. Sensitive information are much better secured using our cutting edge biometrics...

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Business Development

We offer Intelligent Business process Engineering and Re-Engineering consulting services. We provide these consulting services to help our customers become more competitive...

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Some of Our Latest & Finest Work

Projects gallery

Intelligent Capture

Interface that works with Active Directory


Archiving Portal

Tell the whole world that you always have their transactions secured.

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Intelligent View

A hybrid responsive Decisioning application.

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Archive Templates

We delivered a cool and comprehensive templates settings for archive.

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Field validation and integrity ensures safety.


Report Server

Full featured report server for your transactions.


API Integration

Integrate with this service to make informed decisions.

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Auto Signature Verify

Validate signatures on cheques with little intervention.


Knowledge Tree Scanner

You can actually scan any document from remote to archive.

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KT Extractor

Our Extractor Engine is designed to extract millions of archival files.

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Duplications / Totalling

Duplications are detected on codeline capture automatically.

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Intelligent WebService

We provide programming Interfaces to integrate with our Archive.

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System Auditing

Auditors can now smile with a much easier way to audit accounts.

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Transmission over network has never been made easy without N* retries on poor network.

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Automated Fund Transfer

Our Automated Clearing House includes electronic funds transfer channels...

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Reporting Services

Branches and Micro Finances are always able to download reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most encountered questions

We are Just-In-Time and leverages on Agile processes. Most of our solutions are ready to use and be customised. Two weeks is more than enough time to install and go-live from our standpoint...
We understand the speed with which customers need solutions to get running, so we have invested a lot of time and mastered the art of Agile and Rapid Application Development. All tailored to our customers...
If our customers ever have a complaint, we already have a fix and a stop-gap for them. This is only possible through constant research and this area happens to be our core competence. We take complaints very seriously...
Just call us or send us an email and we will be at your doorstep. Usually we require an agreement to sign a non-disclosure agreement that enables us to install our application at your site for pilot
Yes it is possible. But we recommend going through all the necessary steps which you can find from our brochure or call us for a disucssion on easy ways to isolate modules and solutions.
Intelligent Consulting Limited has been award the most user-friendly solution in 2014, the simplest business process in 2015. We are looking forward to your endorsements as we collaborate.
Intelligent Capture application supports most scanner devices. We are looking to partnering with more driver development companies that provide engine to power other scanners. Soon we will support ALL.
Customized application are essential to help existing business process without frictions in work environment. If you need to change your process to adapt to changing globalisation, this is a right choice.

Our History

We grew over the years!

Research Centric

We have been moving towards establishing a research center for the development and simplication of "HARD" business processes in the financial industry. Cheques and fund transfer are an integral part of the market transactions and this is our focus.


3 Intelligent Solutions on the Market

We had a Decisioning application that basically implements and pay or no-pay decision on cheques. This time we extended the functions to include work orders and workflow management suites. The workflow engine enables our customer to design the workflow that best suites then and can change anytime. As a result of this workflow, we now have Archiving system, Electronic Funds Transfer engine, Automated Clearing House and Biometrics applications.

Intelligent Capture - A smart client software solution that enables financials institutions (not necessarily big banks) to participate in the clearing process. We are working closely with Ghipss (Ghana) to ensure that our customers enjoy all the benefits of cheque and funds transfer clearing that can ever be.


Portfolio reached over 3 clients

Start small, finish big is what we had in mind from the beginning. We managed to increase our client base from 2 microfinance banks to additional 3 big banks.

The people that worked with us recommend our company. At the end of the day we know that it's not only about numbers, but quality.


The Team got Larger

We reached new markets. We got bigger projects and bigger budgets - so ... we hired more people. We were 3 in the beginning, and now we count a total of 11 people. It's more than double!

Though we are pretty different as individuals, we enjoy working together. Every morning we gather for our daily meeting, we drink our coffee and start building and creating great things.


Intelligent Consulting was founded!

In a small office with only 3 computers and an Internet connection we began the payments journey and printed materials for local businesses.

We had a really good developer onboard. One head full of algorithms and solutions. A sales guy - who gave calls all day and went to meetings as soon as he got a yes. Little money upfront, but a lot of work behind.


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